How to Attract females in Maplestory

Now I assume you think that they are only after people with Nx right? That is only half correct. Nx Will only get you half the way. What you will also need is a chair and 10k mesos.
You see, when you enter the Henehoe habitat (Hene Park/Market) you must use a mating call.
Once you have their attention you must be the alpha male (whip out the d if you have too) and tame the female(s)
Now once this is done. Use your final weapon, the chair. Preferably a seal chair or a matching theme chair. Now of course your prey will have one but do you?
There are specific type of henehoes you should go for. Bright eyes are the easiest. now females like [url=]her[/url] yes. the bright bulging eyes. Those are the "clingy" ones. The hardest will be the marble and odd eyes.

There is one more way to capture. If you already find a pair surpass the male by sitting on a bigger chair. The bigger the better.
DONT DO the following: Call them B***** that apparently doesn't work in my experiment. The number 8 D sign is also a nono as well. I wish you the best of luck ( you probably won't need any with this guide)
This applies with and without Nx.
If you wish add something tell me. For nub looks I prefer the full ra or zakum helmet look with a lv 10 wand or something similar.
[url=]Easy Taget[/url] [url=]Congratz[/url] I made a documentary but my internet is bad.

April 8, 2015

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Don't forget you gotta say the classic, "ay bby wan sum fok?"
10/10 works every time.

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Why would any guy want a golddigger have them empty their nx and meso pockets in exchange for a combo of smilies and dumb phrases while jumping around or sitting in a chair? o.o

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What... exactly is this
I bet you don't have a girlfriend in real life.

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Guys, how can you forget about the April fools hair cut. Oops

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Sensei, I tried your guide. they are moving away as i get closer..

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[quote=jlt2624]L>guide for how to attract guys.[/quote]

Shave the 'stache and you're all good to go

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[quote=jlt2624]L>guide for how to attract guys.[/quote]

tell them ur korean

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L>guide for how to attract guys.

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Wow nice easy to follow steps. I now have four maple girlfriends.

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[quote=Rachelll]So....where exactly does the 10k mesos come into play?[/quote]

I forgot to add It's 1k per female used as the mating call when dropped on the ground. Now I said because cmon who doesn't like harems?

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[quote=Rachelll]So....where exactly does the 10k mesos come into play?[/quote]


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So....where exactly does the 10k mesos come into play?

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You broke the first line!
You had a second chance!
This is the third tie!
You broke the fourth wall!

This is the [b]Fifth Wave[/b].

tldr; be me

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[quote=Quasar]What about males?[/quote]

Make a girl character

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What about males?

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tl;dr: Be me.

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