building a pc

ATX tower (or mid-tower) case
_ Power Supply
_ ATX Motherboard
_ RAM / Memory
_ Graphics/video card
_ Sound card
_ SSD - Solid State Drive or Hard drive(s)
_ Speakers
_ Screen (LCD)
_ Keyboard
_ Mouse
_ optical drive (DVD burner or Blu-ray)
_ Surge Protector
_ Network Interface Card
_ Wi-Fi
_ USB card
_ Operating System software
am I missing anything and what graphics card do you believe is the best

June 6, 2015

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^ They aren't loud O_o. Mine is silent.

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One thing you're missing but might want is a nice Heat fan/sink for your CPU. If you're looking for something quiet, you'll want to get your own. The stock CPU fans are really loud, got mine switched out the other week for a nice snazzy Zalman cnps9700 and it's almost completely silent. You get your headphones on and you can't hear a thing <3

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I'd get everything used, except ram/hdd/mobo. You'll save hundreds

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if you want to squeeze a bit more, get a mini mobo instead of a standard, since this is your first build i'm assuming. You're probably not going to get 2+ graphics/overclocking at the time being. So getting a mini mobo will be cheaper than a full size. (Make sure when you finish building the PC, connect your monitor to the video card and not the Mother boards dvi/vga connectors)
EDIT: Also don't bother with a cooler, since as I said before you're probably not going to over clock so stick with the stock cooler from intel.

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heres my comp build
- Razer mechanical keyboard Chroma
- Razer Death Adder mouse

use an Ethernet cord for the love of god lol

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[quote=Caeg]You need to state your budget.[/quote]

[quote=Blackinup]not a lot I guess around <800 probably?[/quote]

But anyway, at that budget, I'd strike the following things off your list:
SSD - Just go with a plain old disk drive
Sound card, Network card, USB card - Your motherboard's built-in ones will be fine
Speakers, screen, keyboard, mouse, optical drive, power supply, surge protector, OS - Resue your old ones?
Wi-FI - what the heck is "wi-fi" and why do you need it for a desktop computer?

That leaves CPU, motherboard, memory, graphics card, hard drive, and case, and $800 should be enough for all that

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can u build me a boyfriend while ur at it

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You need to state your budget.

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Do you really need a network and USB card? Aren't those things usually part of the motherboard?
And what's Wi-fi?

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I did this build about 2 months ago: for around $900.

The 290x is a beautiful card, and cheaper than the 970.

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Basil is not the best place to ask this question. Please go to reddit /r/buildapc which has a complete guide as well as many experienced people who know what they're doing.

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not a lot I guess around <800 probably?

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I just built mine yesterday, and I'm using the 970 and its freaking awesome. But it really depends what your budget is, then I can determine a good build for you.

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