Friendly/relaxed bossing guild in Reboot?

No idea if this is the right section.
Any guilds like that in Reboot? I'd rather not join a guild where you gotta make "x GP daily" or anything like that, but would still want to boss and stuff. I'm a 163 Evan with ~60-70k range buffed, though doing link skill mule stuff mainly right now so won't be the most active on him atm other than dailies.

December 10, 2015

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Likewise there's so many Spanish one's i find lol I'm also looking for one for my I/L mage ^_^ pretty low lvl but i train her everyday if no one minds a newb xD

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Ah same. I'm trying to find a chill guild that does bosses.

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I've made a guild called Vapid that was initially friends but we're trying to branch out and recruit people for bossing and the such. We're pretty relaxed, though I think I'm the highest level at 160. If you'd like to join, feel free to shoot a guild request towards us, or add me on Makiiii if you wanna ask anymore about it ^^

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Welp... doubt you'll be interested in mine cause only me and two others currently lol, but we try to boss daily. during the week its EST and in the AM hrs, normally (cause I work from 2pm till 10pm or later)... so these maintenance days are kinda tough. Not really any rules other than be nice lol. I'm looking to add people but I'm really not so good at the recruiting thing =/ But.. yea... lol. Edit: I'm a Bishop and my friend is a Kanna. 162 and 168 atm.

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