Making money in a new world

Anyone got any advice to make money in a new world?
I know Gollux is great money, Commerci once I get up there, and Hilla for extracting dem Necro's, but any other ways to make decent money without a shop?

October 23, 2014

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Yeah, everyone in your town and channel can see the notice.
They can also check the world map and there'd be an icon showing where an elite boss would be.
Rich kids have hyper teleport rocks, which send them right to your map in a matter of seconds.
If you're not fast, you're screwed.

Reply October 24, 2014

elite bosses and some magic to get all the chests in the bonus stage. You can make 5-10b daily with that

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@bobaful Thanks, definitely helped. Is there a reason to be extremely fast, like people getting alerted to an elite boss spawning?

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not really but there are hackers in some maps. which can spawn it a lot quicker....well sometimes.

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You can only spawn an elite monster if you're within 20 levels' range of the monsters.
Basically, your clue to getting closer to an elite monster is the message that appears after you kill it.
Each elite monster spawns after around 200 monster kills.
For an elite boss to spawn, you kill 14 elite monsters.
At 7, the message switches from "The dark energy blah blah is making this place gloomy blah"
to "You feel something in the dark energy.."
So you can cc around to save time. If you find a map that already displays the above message, keep hunting in that map 'til you spawn it.
The tip is to make a low-leveled mule and go to a map that nobody usually visits, in a channel other than 1.
Once you spawn an elite boss, log onto your main and kill it. Make sure to be FAST.
Loot the drops by your greedy self
The reason that sometimes it seems you've only killed a couple elite monsters before the boss spawned is because the # of elite monsters that've been killed don't reset even if you leave the map, as long as the elite boss has not yet been summoned.
After 14 elite monsters, the boss spawns, and after that, your count is at 0 again.

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@bobaful Is there a method to farming elite bosses, or is it just go to lower level map, kill, elite boss, repeat?

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Stand in FM entrance and spam
"S> _________" for about 2m cheaper than average.
Try farming elite bosses, or if you're a diq, go ks people training at sleepywood for their Elite Boss drops.

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