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Anyone with Pokemon Black/White Have a shiny Litwick that they'll trade to me I dont have many great pokemon but I have been searching for a shint Litwick for about 3 weeks straight breeding and going around in the tower. Some pokemon I have are Lv59 Bisharp Lv60 Rotom (never used it in a battle or EV items like proteins) Jinx Lv48 Absol Lv50 Possibly a Tynamo Lv27Only caught never did anything with it yet Lv 35 Bouffalant Druddigon Lv31 never did anything but catch it Wynaut Lv23 Seismitoad Lv38 Togepi Lv5 Amoonguss Lv39 Cubchoo Lv28/29/28 Lovedisk Lv44 <-- lol at this pokemon Lv31 Sigilyph Lv52 Clefairy Lv40 Scrafty Lv48 Cherrim Lv36 Galvantula Lv50 Exacadrill Lv47 Vanilluxe If anyone will trade me I'll greatly appreciate it ^.^