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I miss the old maple 99999999999999

this chat section used to be so lively with people and trolls anyone remember the old forum memes or joke titles? I cant

1 December 1, 2020

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check out phoenix server if you want old maple

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I miss a lot of the people that used to come

Reply January 23 - edited

trying to bring it back!!

Reply January 22 - edited

posting for the first time in 9 years waddap guys

Reply January 19 - edited

After playing maplestory for most of my childhood, I went to uni where I became a weeb to fill in the void of not playing maplestory. After 7 years I graduated from uni and started making serious money and started dealing with the day to day crap of being a functional adult. And now every once in a while I check on these forums for nostalgia. I think I last checked these forums in 2019. I certainly do miss how lively these forums were once upon a time.

Reply January 3 - edited

@beefly: omg remember when we used to bully k3vinq. I miss you so much, you're like the hottest bf ive ever had online

Reply December 29, 2020 - edited

It's been SO long it makes me sad

Reply December 21, 2020 - edited

i miss the old internet in general desu

Reply December 18, 2020 - edited

@beefly: stop coming to basilmarket dot com

Reply December 17, 2020 - edited

lol I was just browsing old screens and was trying to search for active accounts of now dead basil artists. It's pretty sad when I find their other accounts are also inactive for years. On the other hand if it's active I end up seeing works much more impressive than what they posted on basil.
TFW they link facebook/tumblr/deviantart and they're all inactive for at least 4 years. TFW they probably have a twitter or instagram but never updated this list nor their dead site accounts. TFW some didn't even join that list.

I don't see @twinklefish there so I hope she doesn't mind I link her deviantart. I like what I see.

Some Basilers probably got banned and all their works deleted too. That's also pretty sad.

Reply December 13, 2020 - edited

I used to get banned all the time on these forums. Account says it was created 14 years ago. Crazy

Reply December 10, 2020 - edited

yea miss old maple too sometimes and also remember old forum jokes and trolls

Reply December 4, 2020 - edited