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Autobot or Decepticon and Mlg Splatoon Which side would you choose. That's the next Splatfest and Splatoon. As for me...#TeamStarscream In other Splatoon news: [*]New Stage is being released tomorrow at 7pm called [url=]Flounder Heights[/url] [*]Japanese eSport Splatoon tourney is being held with the money prizes totaling over $1,000,000. If I am not mistaken that is more than all fighting tournaments that have ever been held as well as many other eSport tourneys. MLG Splatoon seems to be on its way. [url=]Source[/url]


Kmst 1.2.14 Hyper System Google Translate. Deal with it. But yea, do levels actually mean more now? Hyper-stat system has been added. - 140 levels can be obtained from the hyper-stat point you want to use points earned *****You can enhance the hyper-Stat. - Stats are stats that can rise to hyper below. STR: 15 ~ 150 (up to level 10) DEX: 15 ~ 150 (up to level 10) INT: 15 ~ 150 (up to level 10) LUK: 15 ~ 150 (up to level 10) HP: 2% ~ 20% (up to level 10) MP: 2% ~ 20% (up to level 10) Daemon Force: 10-50 (up to level 5) Speed: 4-20 (up to level 5) Jeompeuryeok: 2-10 (up to level 5) Critical activated: 1-15% (max level 10) Critical least: 1-10% (up to level 10) Maximum critical: 1-15% (up to level 10) ERA ignore: 3-30% (max level 10) Damage: 3

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Fates and Smtxfe Gameplay If anyone was looking for actual gameplay for the FE games at Nintendo's E3. You can find them at thier treehouse event. [url=]SMT X FE Battle System[/url] For full video see [url=]here[/url] [url=]Fire Emblem Fates[/url] They should of put this in the E3 direct because not a lot of ppl view the Treehouses, only like 5,000 are looking at it live. Its REALLY good stuff (especially SMTXFE) that people may miss, which sucks.

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Wristbowmaster the nonexistent archer Feel free to give your thoughts , ,and others This is a work in progress, that I for unknown reasons touch up on every few months. Yes, I am weird, deal with it. I literally took old skills that don't exist any more and made this class. There is [b]no archer that has multiple hits and a non-rapid fire 1v1 skill anymore.[/b] And please before you claim something is broken, analyze the skills [b]carefully[/b]. That doesn't mean there aren't things broken, just read carefully, if at all. [b]Wristbow Master[/b] Concept: Lightning is unpredictable but also piercing when it strikes, which is why the output of the Wristbow User is sporadic. While BM excels at 1v1 and MM at mobbing, Wristbow Users are slightly

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