Unleashed Matt vs Evolution Matt scrolls

I don't usually follow DPS charts and damage algorithms, so this one isn't really that clear-

What would give you the best overall results...
Using an Unleashed Magic Attack scroll which gives +5 INT and +5 MATT or
using an Evolution Magic Attack scroll which gives +8 MATT...?
Character level around 165.

I'm guessing the 3 extra MATT of the Evolution scroll outweighs the benefit of the +5 INT from the Unleashed scroll, but I know there are usually a lot of "yeah, but" to consider with stuff like this.

December 17, 2013

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Thanks everyone... I forgot about the boost from higher MATT when Enhancing.
Time for more RED coins.

Reply December 18, 2013

8 M.Att is better by far, even for someone like me.

Reply December 17, 2013

8 magic attack is better.

Reply December 17, 2013

Dependent on your %int.

Reply December 17, 2013

The 8matt ones are obviously better because higher matt = more matt when enhancing + matt gives more range than int

Reply December 17, 2013

It also depends on your other stats like for-example, INT% or perhaps ATK%

Reply December 17, 2013

If it helps, I recently rescrolled my staff from unleashed scrolls to evolution scrolls
I can definately say that after perfecting the wep (before enhancing) , the extra 27 m.att add more to my range than the extra 45 int
lv 191

Also, that that level range, I believe the average int to m.att ratio is 4:1 , 4 int about equals 1 m.att

Reply December 17, 2013 - edited

They're pretty much the same I used a few of both.

Reply December 17, 2013 - edited