Misunderstanding about Deputies 'deleting' threads

I've seen a lot of people who have apparently misunderstood how the Deputy system works, and who have been expressing dismay that Deputies can "delete" threads.

That's NOT how it works at all.

When a thread is reported, it's "dimmed" slightly. If it's reported again, it's "dimmed" more.
If a thread is reported three or more times, it's blanked from view, BUT NOT DELETED.
ALL reports are evaluated by the Moderators and nothing is done with the threads until they've been checked out.

If a thread is found to have been incorrectly reported, the "dimming" is removed and if it's been made invisible from being reported the thread will be restored to normal.
If the Moderators agree with the reports, that the thread actually does break Basilmarket rules, then it will be deleted and the thread poster suspended, as it's always been done.
The Deputy system is just a method of getting rule-breaking threads out of sight when there aren't any Moderators available to take immediate action.

It's going to take some time for everyone to get used to how it's supposed to work, and what's expected from the system.

December 3, 2014

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A quick note: The numbers of reports to dim/hide have been changed. I won't say it though because of potential abuse. Just report as you would normally.

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