equipment to aim for these days?


been a while since i actually played. lv200 nl with my acct basically stripped by meso farmers. what should i be looking for in terms of equipment? gollux stuff still relevant? sweetwater gear?

December 22, 2016

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Just to add. Don't you dare boom that ghost ship badge while enhancing or scrolling. You won't be getting another.

Reply December 23, 2016

CRA/Fafnir Top/Bot/Wep/Hat
Superior Gollux Ring/Earring/Pendant (x2)/(Belt if you can't get 2nd pend slot)
Tyrant Gloves/Shoes/Capes/Belt (If you can get a 2nd pendant slot)
Black Tinkerer Shoulder (ithink?)
Sweetwater Eye/Face accessories
Ghost Ship badge for potential
Android whatever, battleroid if you're a rich bitch
Shanghai Totems, 30 day duration, need to refarm for them each month (if you don't have other totems)
Secondary and Emblem depend on your class

Don't forget to spend hundreds of dollars or billions of meso on droprate gear otherwise you'll never make it through Arcane Symbol farming :y
Then eventually farm Lucid for months until you can get Arcane Umbra (Y)

Reply December 23, 2016