Luminous Dominate Rankings As of now, the top 3 in Ranking are lnmatesearch, Zerobydivide, and Arizes. That's top 3 out of 5 are luminous, and 6 out of the top 10 in ranking are luminous. No other job in the top 10 have more than 1 representation. Pretty soon, the entire ranking board will be filled with luminous. I think GMS Nexon made luminous a bit too strong in terms of mobbing and killing, since the KMS version of luminous is a lot different and reflection spamming is not possible. There will be no diversity in the ranking board pretty soon :(.

General Wildhunter

Wild Arrow Blast Question In a couple of threads i see, there have been people saying wild arrow blast shoots twice as fast as hurricane (1000 arrows a second), but I really doubt it. Does anyone know for sure? I personally dont have a wild hunter myself, but my friend told me that for Wild Arrow Blast (he has it at level 1), if you only have 7 mp left, you actually can shoot out about 3 arrows (even with final attack, I dont think it can shoot 3)? How is that possible?

General Mage

Mage Accuracy Inconsistency Hi, I'm a level 164 Lukless bishop, but I have a total of 64 Luk with equips and about 1200 INT. According to the Magic Accuracy formula, it shows that I have over 1500 magic accuracy. I checked the data on Jr. Selkies and Slimys, which has around 400 Avoid. How come I am missing on these level 90 monsters when I'm 70 levels higher and have so much more accuracy than their avoid? I'm thinking the accuracy formula may be incorrect to an extent.