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Mechanic problem after this maintenance?

My mech's color turned from purple to brown after this maintence anyone else? o.o

August 1, 2014

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I returned it purple and I logged in today again and its BROWN AGAIN WAHYYY >.<

Reply August 5, 2014

don't forget, we can fly!

Reply August 3, 2014

I can still see other Mechanics in their colors. And mine is still pink as ever. Might probably be just purple though since I've seen all other colors besides purple since patch so far.

Reply August 2, 2014

Can you guys still see other mechs in different colors?

Reply August 2, 2014

My mech hasn't been affected either. It's still blue. Maybe it really does only affect purple mechs. o.o

Reply August 1, 2014

Mine turned back to brown too. I had the same color as you. Maybe it only affects purple.

Reply August 1, 2014

Thats weird... I still have the same color as before so it doesn't affect all mechs.

Reply August 1, 2014