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September 4, 2019

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Being busy with things keeps me from gaming regularly these days (not just with work, but trying to learn more and improve myself in my free time), but when I do game I usually play Overwatch, or certain games on the Switch, most recently the Crash Bandicoot remake.

Frankly, there aren't a lot of PC games that interest me these days. The last PC game I was truly invested in was LoL back around 2012-2015 (peaked Diamond 2); they changed the game too much, and now I find it gimmicky and cheap. Newer PC games just don't seem interesting or worth my time investment; even Overwatch has been pretty bad for a while.

I develop my own games for fun in my free time now, which lets me make things that are devoid of many of my probably-unwarranted complaints about modern games.

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I'm struggling trying to find free time to play games now a days. Or I'm at that point in life where I ask myself why I still play video games. It's hard.

I try to play Super Mario Maker 2's story mode, but I get so bored of it extremely quickly. I complete like 1-4 jobs per day and just close the game after that. The castle is still 60-something%.

I didn't even finish one route on Fire Emblem: Three Houses yet. I don't remember which chapter I'm on anymore, but I have to kill a certain someone again. Why? I don't want to.

I started up Astral Chain, went through the prologue/tutorial thing up until the point where I could save the game manually, and I just stopped there.

I created a Noblesse on MapleStory sometime last month because nexon expanded the maximum character slots to what I thought was 47, but then later 50 after the world server merge thing. When the frig did they expand it to 47? I'm so confused. Anyway, made it to level 179 and now I'm stuck with leveling, it's just unbearably slow. I don't have a second computer I can use to leech it and I don't have any friends because frig 'em. How did I even get it that high without leeching? Burning event thing (up to level 150), the EXP Pouch event thing, AFKing inside the adventurer club thing with the chair, and those Legion growth potions. I achieved 91% critical rate on it, still looking for the last 9%. I didn't think it possible without link skills, because as you know, beginner type classes cannot receive link skills/doesn't have Link Skill Manager. I'm doing this solely for that level 200 beginner achievement thing. Why not? An abundance of extra character slots now.

There's some games on Steam that I cannot play because of graphical errors. This laptop has the terrible Intel HD Graphics 5500 crap. I was planning to save up to get a gaming desktop computer with a better graphics card thing, but then the TV decided to die on me and that set me back. I explained my displeasure in another thread.

Also, living with a control freak that bitches about every little thing every 5 minutes makes it impossible to enjoy games in peace.

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Why don't you go to another forum? I'm only here because it's easy to type the url down, expect nothing, and then leave.

OT: binding of isaac rebirth, and far cry 4. Thinking of trying far cry 2 since 5 looks eh.

Waiting for an xbox controller to go on sale so I can try more games. My PS3 controller keeps deleting bluetooth from my PC it's weird.

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