Which class out of these levels the fastest?

Beast Tamer, Demon Avenger, Xenon or Kanna? I'm eventually gonna get them all to 120 for the link skills but i'm not sure which I should start on first.

February 17, 2014

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[quote=Pereeia]DA second job is hell. After that it gets faster.[/quote]

I see. I got to 45 and gave up because I couldn't take it anymore, christ it's so boring.

Reply February 18, 2014

DA second job is hell. After that it gets faster.
I can't stand Xenon. I was stuck on second job for over a month. Third job is easier but it feels slow.

Reply February 17, 2014

Xenon can solo everything with blade dance, so his 1-4 list is irrelevant. I know because I've played them all. Demon Avenger is slow tbh.

Reply February 17, 2014

in order from speed

1. demon avenger
2. kanna
3. beast tamer
4. xenon

you don't need any preparations for a strong and easy to level demon avenger, you can hop right into the class and feel pro and level quickly

Reply February 17, 2014

All of those are really easy to get to level 2 link skills, except Kanna. I hated training my Kanna.

Reply February 17, 2014

Beast tamer first.. You get good link, crit ring, and it was super fast to level up to lv 120.

Reply February 17, 2014

beast tamer for crit ring

Reply February 17, 2014

kanna for spawn rate, or demon avenger cuz their links are the best

Reply February 17, 2014