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English 11 Problems. Sometimes in class, the teacher gives us short stories to read, following questions to answer.. And my reading strength is (well I feel) is very weak. Like when I try to read fast, I lose the comprehension and I don't really understand what the story is about. But when I read slowly, and thoroughly I can comprehend the story and I can understand it. (e.g other students can read a story in 15-20 mins and can understand it, but I have to take like a good hour to understand it) Can I have some tips on reading quickly+comprehending any piece of literature? Because I know i'll need this, especially in exams. Thanks guys

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Question about this On other forums, sometimes people post links for pictures, but instead of clicking on the link, the picture is actually shown when a person puts up a thread. Is there any security issue with that? I mean, obviously when you click on a link, it might be malicious, but instead of a link, you can literally see the picture in the thread... if you know what i mean.. And sometimes when you hover your mouse over the picture, it'll tell you the link e.g imgur.com/blahblah Also, when you load threads like those, you will notice it says on the very left corner of your screen on google chrome, "waiting for (insert website name)" What if that website name is malicious? But you didn't click on the link, but it just automati

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