Which Item Should I recube?

I am currently sitting at 190% boss, which I think is low in comparison to my 72% att and 93% pdr.
[url=]These[/url] are the potentials of my weapon and secondary.
Which one should I cube for more boss, or should I just leave them as is?

March 7, 2015

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If you really want to get boss attack, I would recube your secondary o.o

Reply April 21, 2015

I'd say the bonus potential on the weapon could be recubed but it would cost lots to get the lines you want. You cant see the neb on the weapon so if you haven't added a boss neb to that, do so. And otherwise, comparing the normal potentials of both, i'd say recube the blasted feather just because boss damage and total damage amount to the same thing and you can probably get more boss dmg than total. But that 40% pdr line tho ughhhhhhhhhhh

Reply April 6, 2015

I DO intend on recubing the bonus pots, as I previously stated they are not finished. And I do have my link skills and character cards, excluding beast tamer.
I think I'm set on recubing my bow for 2 lines of boss, seeing that the lines are better on my secondary.

Reply March 10, 2015

If you're dead set on not recubing bonus pots, i'd keep the pots and get more boss% elsewhere. Do you have everything? (links, char cards, sets..etc)

Reply March 7, 2015

My emblem's pot and bonus pot equal out to 33% att, and I do plan on recubing the bonus pots of both my secondary and weapon.
My main concern is whether or not I should change the regular pots of my secondary or bow, because I'm lacking in % boss.

Reply March 7, 2015

What are the potentials on your emblem? I would re-cube the bonus pot on the wind chaser as its only got 1 good line 6%atk

Reply March 7, 2015