Your worst experience with a teacher

I'm taking a test in mathclass one day when the bell rings to go to the next class. He tells the class that because most of the class didn't finish the test, they can make it up after school. The only problem was that I had to leave school early to go to my cross country meet. I told him my situation and he just says, "S.O.L" (s*** out of luck) then ignores me. What's your worst experience with a teacher?

November 6, 2010

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My lang. arts teacher last year. My mom was in the hospital, so I couldn't get my project done. I had a signed note from my step dad explaining everything. She ripped it up and said "That's not a good reason to not do your project" I started to cry in the classroom. So everyone got revenge on her by throwing gum at the chalkboard and not listening in class.

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Threatened to lower grades if students ask for help after class. ><

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8th grade..

Me: Excuse me teacher, may i got to the restroom please?

Teacher: Why didnt you go during Nutrition Break?... -__-

MeThinks in head) Oh hell no -censor- you think i keep a schedule for when i have to take a leak WTF? -facepalm-

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[quote=Caeg]I couldn't make up the test after school because I had cross country. When I asked him if I could make the test up another day, he just blew me off and said no.[/quote]
Then skip cross country. Wow you miss one practice Q_Q.

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Oh, also, I played first chair saxophone in our Wind Ensemble during sophomore year of high school, and we were scheduled to practice for our Veteran's Day concert the day before. After our band teacher announced it, I mumbled under my breath (jokingly), "ohh great, more practice", and my teacher heard me and started flipping out at me. He made me stay after school, and asked me to apologize. I told him I was kidding, and that he shouldn't make such a big deal out of it, and he pulled me from the concert. He wouldn't let me participate in it the next day. Needless to say, I never had a good relationship with him since.

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In 7th grade, my science teacher had anger issues, so my friend would always annoy him and try to piss him off.
One day he snapped and threw a beaker at my friend's head, breaking it.
Fun times.

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Class: Business 101..

We had to do a paper, using the sources listed in the syllabus the teacher gave us- as well as you the online library to do so.
I asked the teacher how to do I access the online library, and he didn't even know! He told me to go to the college librarian and ask her.

~After my paper is written~

He claims that I did not use the sources listed in the syllabus. -.- Therefore, I am given a 0 with a chance to redo the paper. Considering that I [i][b]did[/i][/b] do it right the first time, I didn't do it..he didn't help me either. I asked him for help, and all he replied with is 'you have to use the sources in the syllabus'.

Geuss who's retaking Business 101 this Spring semester?

Thank you,, for helping me find a teacher that isn't a d-bag.

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Asked my teacher for a recommendation to study abroad in UCL, 4 months in advance.
They never received it. I approached him multiple times and reminded him with frequent emails, yet he never even bothered to respond.
So I gave him a horrible teacher evaluation, and got another recommendation from someone else.

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"Gustavo, please stop, we all know you know the answer."
Participating in class. My teacher graded me 4.2/5.0 because I didn't participate enough in class, then I became uncontrollable with in class participation. Lol

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My history teacher kept cornering me by asking questions I didn't know/he didn't teach us about.. -___-

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in 8th grade i had a science teacher that (what i thought) had a crush on me.
he kept calling me "beautiful" whenever i looked in the mirror to check my face, when i asked a good question he says "i love jessica(my name)", when i was approaching his classroom with my friend, i was wearing somewhat of short-shorts and he's like "ooh, jessica, wearing shortshorts, showing off those legs. i like that", and when i was sitting on a lunchtable with my friends, he passed by us, and he tried having a conversation with us and he asked "so you guys like jessica? what's she like not in class?"
and he wouldn't do this with his other students, i just knew it.
when i had enough i came up to him after school and asked him "mr kaufman(my teacher), do you have a crush on me" he's like, "what, no. of course not, why would you think that" i explained the whole thing and he replies "oh! i do that with all my students" then i'm like ok then i leave.
but in my head i'm just like "bs"

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[quote=xxdkaranxxd]I Couldn't stop laughing at my sub today her name is
Ms. Sack
My friend told me her husband's name is Harry[/quote]

Best. Sub. Ever. You lucky man.

OT: Didn't happen to me, but... In 6th grade we had a test in English, where we had to correct words or something. The instructions said to put the corrections above the word. But my friend put them [i]below[/i]. Apparently, my teacher has OCD or something, because she took off half credit for each word that she did that for. She got every question right, but got half credit taken off for each question, and got a 50/100.

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French Gr.6-Teacher loses most of my work. 2 C's
Social studies GR.8-teacher is 75, cannot hear properly so we got kinda low on a project.
Science Gr.5-Done work, left it in my bag, teacher tells me to redo it even though its in my bag.(Lets his core(homeroom) kids get theirs.)

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A teacher used 2 hours finding out who threw a paper-plane in the classroom, she never found out and wasted our time. I have alot of bad experiences with her.

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Er.. My Bio teacher everyday.. We're trying to fire her, but she's been teaching at the school for 17 years so we can't fire her and she's married to an we can't get rid of her.. >_> stupid NYC Public School rules..

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iit wasnt bad but it was uncalled for. my chef yelled across the kitchen and called me a N word yelled it out lol i laughed so hard

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Well i was absent a lot last year due to low Immune System and my history teacher, the same person who would get sweaty and red when he teaches his lessons in class, was yelling at me for being absent so much. l always passes his tests with a 95+. l think he was just mad that i could pass without him? Well the next day he said," Kyle! Heres your freakin papers! You better not be absent unless youre puking over the toilet!" lm just like wtff? And he throws my papers at me and god damn he gave me a papercut.

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This is actually pretty funny.
Especially the ones where the victims (posters) have some share in the blame.

Ok so mine...

[b]Art Teacher[/b]
We didn't learn anything all year. We were given lots of random work, where the criteria wasn't explained and no one had any idea what the hell to do.
Once I asked her a question, and she quite outright told me it was my job to research it and not her responsibility to teach me. I was just thinking... What the hell is she being paid for? D:
In the end, I just didn't hand anything in, and failed with straight F's.
No biggie though... The marks didn't count for anything, I didn't miss out on any knowledge, and I was forced to take the class anyhow (our school has a "try everything and become cultured" philosophy).

Hmm, English isn't that bad. Just that... our teacher just points out the most obvious things when studying our texts, and never actually talks about the philosophies or themes in a book (except maybe the main one, which the blurb points out anyway). Our essays/exams have questions related to deep themes, though. So :s.

Lol... this is funny.

One day... we had this special program during first period related to depression. This event, we were explained things about depression, and then had to do some stupid test so they could evaluate if we were depressed or not. One of the questions were like, "Is Sally right to tell Jack to stop slitting his wrists, or should she leave him alone?" and the answers were "Yes. No. All of the above." I couldn't resist clicking all of the above.
And I kinda clicked all of the above for everything. Next period... I had Science, and I was still laughing about that test-thing. Our teacher was giving a rage-lecture to our class about wasting our time and lives and making noise or whatever... and everyone was quiet, still, and shocked. And I couldn't stop laughing.
So... he asks me if something's funny, and I of course say "no", but I still couldn't stop laughing. At the end of the class he asked me if I was doing drugs (even though I go to a very prestigious school). It was hilarious.

I failed the practical section of our electronics folio because the equipment never worked. He blew me off when I mentioned this. :S

I never take notes, because I remember the important stuff... Once he caught me and told me to answer some question (which was two years ahead of our whole class, mind you). I went up to the board and answered it to best of my ability (better than anyone else in the class could've done, at least), but I was still rather wrong. He then gave me an embarrassing lecture in front of the whole class about how I was going to be a failure in life, threatened me with expulsion, told me I'd never be good at science and whatnot. At the end of that class he was handing out certificates for a national science competition... and I got the highest mark in the class with a high distinction. -_- He just said congratulations in this defeated voice.

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My Art teacher was racist and 'ageist' because I skipped a grade and wouldn't give me the grades I deserved because I'm brown but there were people who were white and did worse than me (technically and visually appealing). But I couldn't prove it because ' it's art ' and at the discretion of the teacher.

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I had 7 AM English senior year of high school. By that point I was apathetic towards all things academic, especially English. Especially timed writings. Well in April of that year, I was having just about the worst month ever. We got a weekly timed writing one day in April, and it was on some story about this really obnoxious lady and her kid with a heart condition and some nervous butler dude. It was terrible, I hadn't slept in awhile, and I pretty much hated everyone because my life sucked that month. I wrote the essay in maybe five minutes... I think part of it went something like, "She should just let that kid die, he's just a drain on society. I hate kids anyway. Always ruining my movies. Why can't they learn to shut the hell up?"

I got a 1 out of 9 on the assignment, and a stern talking-to. I was not a favorite student in that class.

My biology class was better, though; I loved the teacher, she was hilarious. The class was mostly seniors, so she was giving us a lecture about drugs in college. "People are going to offer you a lot of things. You're going to be stressed, and you're going to want to take some. But if someone offers you heroin, [i]never[/i] take it. Because you'll crave it for the [i]rest of your life[/i]."

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7th grade: a teacher of mine compared me with my brother: "Why can't you do as well as your brother did?"
Psychologically devastating to a 11 year old kid.

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My 6th grade teacher told everyone in the class that you're a bad Christian or a homosexual if you supported gay marriage.
While that didn't affect me directly, I can't think of a better example. >.>
Plus it probably encouraged some of my classmates to call me gay for the rest of the year.

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[quote=Caeg]I couldn't make up the test after school because I had cross country. When I asked him if I could make the test up another day, he just blew me off and said no.[/quote]

well it was your priority and the maths teacher gave you extra time. my worst teacher was my science teacher who lost 20 assignments out of the 30 people in my class. half our class failed science that half yearly and she blamed us that we never handed it in and got away with it... the assignment was worth 40% of our report.

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Flunked a test cause my teacher didn't give me the notes I needed to get since I was sick for 4 days, and the test was on that entire note sheet.
Insta C.

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[quote=14thsushi]This science teacher who lost 4/5 of my projects. After report cards came out she goes, oh hey, I found it under my bed, I always do my marking there. I almost failed science that year...[/quote]

Same thing happened for me but i actually failed my geo.

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This science teacher who lost 4/5 of my projects. After report cards came out she goes, oh hey, I found it under my bed, I always do my marking there. I almost failed science that year...

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[quote=Roy8484]thats beneficial in so many ways... you get to discuss questions you didn't get in the maths test and then do it and get better marks. i see no downside to this.[/quote]
I couldn't make up the test after school because I had cross country. When I asked him if I could make the test up another day, he just blew me off and said no.

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Involved a huge blueberry of a person and an unscrewed computer chair

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thats beneficial in so many ways... you get to discuss questions you didn't get in the maths test and then do it and get better marks. i see no downside to this.

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