This website is sad

Even Bogger Raccoonskee doesn't care about it. Mobile site been broken for months.

February 17, 2018

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@caeg with the same crap people!

Reply March 16, 2018

We should just make a new BasilMarket.

Reply March 6, 2018

One day..this site will rise from the ashes.

Reply March 5, 2018

And it's my fault. I hold myself a million percent responsible.

Reply March 4, 2018

that feel when i literally took my laptop out to read this thread cuz i couldnt on mobile

Reply February 22, 2018

Just let the damn site die with some dignity.

Reply February 18, 2018

@ecarina: It's max life was 2 days, however the threads I cursed in and tried my best to uncensor the words are still up.

I'm surprised I didn't get suspended for that thread, heck when basil was active you'd get suspended just for mentioning that word.

I can only assume there is no mod activity here, and only @mrbasil himself appears weekly(?) to check out the site and get rid of any obviously inappropriate content such as straight up p* or g*. If it's something less absurd like swearing, then it's apparently not really worth checking.

Basically the rules are barely enforced, because there's barely anyone here to enforce the rules on.

Also while editing this comment, there's no longer a reason why the comment cannot be submitted, this site is now a ghost town beginning to decay.

It'll only be a matter of time before a troll comes in and demolishes the site. I've seen it happen way too many times.

This makes me wonder if BasilMarket will even reach 2020.

Reply February 18, 2018 - edited

yeah beefly posted a thread with a bunch of pornhub links and it's been up for like a full day now.

Mr. Basil just tries to use this site to advertise his (inferior) bzl thing now.

Reply February 17, 2018 - edited