Corsair Ap Points Past 200

So I'm level 213 now and I'm sitting on 65 AP points. Would it be better to invest my points into STR or would it be better for HP? My HP is 26k with Decent HB and 30k with Decent HB and Jack summoned.

May 25, 2014

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Just put it in str for now. in few months, the limit will be removed and you'll get an sp reset scroll. Sadly, I reached 210 and put everything into hp and then that limit remover patch came out.

Reply May 27, 2014

Save it for when the cap gets removed. You can always HP wash too, but I doubt you'd need it.
I HP washed a bit and I have 23k HP (clean) and I survive just fine.

Reply May 27, 2014

HP/MP Washing has been dead for the longest time. Everything does % now

Reply May 26, 2014

if you do end up putting them in HP/MP like people are telling you not to, you can buy the 500nx single ap resets and take from your base MP pool and place it back anywhere else.
AKA, you unconsciously washed a little.

Reply May 26, 2014

An AP reset will come for all classes that are 197+ (have reached 999 main stat) around Seed so for the time being, put it all into str.

Reply May 26, 2014

DO NOT PUT IT INTO HP/MP cant' be reset unlike stats.
Just put em into strength and wait for the cap increase & AP reset that comes with it

Reply May 25, 2014

Thank you guys.

Reply May 25, 2014

Put all your AP in STR, or don't use it at all.
In the future (don't quote me on this), I believe in the Seed patch the AP cap will be lifted and you will be able to add more than 999 to a single stat.

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