Eight Leg is better than Rapidfire

I don't know much about damage but I had a random thought come to mind. If you had booster, a +1 attack speed inner ability, decent speed infusion, and a green potion, would it be possible for eight leg to out perform rapid fire in 1v1?

March 30, 2015

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This is all great information guys. Thanks! Looks like me getting +1 speed inner ability will be as pointless as I though.

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[quote=SnailPresident]How do the hits per second on brain scrambler speeds match up to rapid fire?[/quote]
Brainscrambler hits per second table:
Speed | hps
5 | 10.1
4 | 10.8
3 | 11.5
2 | 12.8
1 | 13.9
0 | 15.2

Rapid fire is always ~16.6667

Should be noted I include majestic presence in both bs and rf hps.

If you want to calculate delay and hps for yourself it is:

[quote=Averire]"Base delay" * (10 + "attack speed" ) / 16 = Delay in ms; Then you round up to the nearest multiple of 30
1000 / "Delay in ms" * ("hits per attack" + "majestic presence if applicable" ) = hps

For example BS base delay is 1040 and a gun + booster is speed 3

1040 * (10 + 3 ) / 16 =
1040 * 13 / 16 =
13520 / 16 =
since 845 isn't a multiple of 30 we round that up to 870

Then the hps would be as followed with that 870 ms and the 9 hits from bs + 1 hit from mp

1000/870 * (9 + 1) =
1.1494 * (9 + 1) =
1.1494 * 10 =

[quote=SnailPresident]Without booster, is brain scrambler still worth its casting time?[/quote]
Though this will vary a lot depending on your %total and %bossing damage and how often you cap and a couple other things.

The answer ranges from an improvement of 1.112x to dps for people who don't cap and have relatively low stats to a detriment of 0.922x to dps for those who cap with everything ever.

Overall I'd just say booster is worth the cast unless you cap a lot or plan on dying in less than 20 seconds since it'll only take 5 casts of brain scrambler to recoup the time it took to cast booster.

[quote=SnailPresident]Is it worth using/acquiring decent SI?[/quote]
Maybe if you consider the potential 1.018x to 1.011x damage boost worth it.

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Wow, good to know.

I'd like to pose another technical question, if I could?
How do the hits per second on brain scrambler speeds match up to rapid fire?
Without booster, is brain scrambler still worth its casting time?
Is it worth using/acquiring decent SI?

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At speed 0, which is the speed that you proposed, Ele is still only up to around 71% of rapid fires damage in 1v1 situations. To out damage rapid fire with Ele you would need speed -4 or faster if the sum of your boss damage and total damage is less than 1%.

If it's 1% to 144% speed -3 would be enough and if it's greater than 145% then speed -2 would be enough.

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First of all, nice ign.
Secondly, I highly doubt it. The high %damage of ELE can't keep up with Majestic Presence, even if it was at, say, faster (1) or something of the sort. The speed you'd have to go at to outdamage RF would probably DC you.

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