Range required to one hit at Sdh

I'm thinking of making a Lumi and was curious on the range required to one hit at SDH with reflection. I know it's around 400-500k for most classes but I wanted to know if Lumi were different. I was also curious on an approximate amount of %int and % m.att required to hit that range. Thanks to anyone who can help me out with this!

August 10, 2015

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My range goes up to 800k but i one hit them starting at around 600k

Reply August 31, 2015

I 1 hit at 480k, but I also have 95% crit with dSE, so that changes things a little bit.

Reply August 18, 2015 - edited

I hit about 3m per line making one reflect = about 5/6 of its health

Reply August 12, 2015 - edited

I 3-hit at around 130k range.

Really depends on %matt, %int, LINKS, critical damage, etc.

Reply August 12, 2015 - edited

My range is 300k buff I need 2 hits, so it's around 600k range maxed or a little more >.<

Reply August 10, 2015 - edited

im guessing around 600k? idk my range jumped from 150 to 810 from when i went there cuz i decided not to go back until i could solo cuz pt finding is hard

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Don't remember specifically but around 500k.
You probably need an average of 9%int on each of your CRA and gollux equips.
And of course a perfected rod.

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I have 450k and i still dont 1-hit

Id imagine 500k-600k

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