General Shadower

Achieving a better Range Okay quick rundown, I'm a shadower level 192, with a pretty low average 59-64k range. I will be running into maybe 5-6bil mess in the next few days. Basically I was wondering what things I should aim to buy to increase the range as much as possible. What items I should look for at what price, Bera prices, was thinking mainly % luk. Heres a quick run down of my equips. Kanjar 17atk 9%luk complete empress except shoulder. Great rings don't need any more. All empress has no % luk Great 200+ atk dagger 6% earings NO android NO pendent Thanks in advance

General Fun

My Book Idea So I want to be an author and have half written some full length novels but they grow dry after 3-4months of writing them, but I have came up with a new idea after 5months of thinking about new ideas and I have decided to try to write this novel and I'm starting tonight, I want to hear what you guys think of my idea. So the book is called "Island 20" and here is the short summary of it. Ok, so 20 people mysteriously wake up on a decent sized island, all appearing to be drugged onto this island. They dont appear all togeather but soon start to find one another. It starts off as all 20 people and their accounts and as they grow to become the one big group the different accounts blend togeather to form one to three diffe

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