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The Obama Legacy Obama's tenure has reached its end. You will not be missed, you pandering and manipulative pos. Shall we all take a moment to appreciate that "legacy"? - Race relations are now at an all-time high since nearly half a century ago. - He gave birth to politically correct, far left insanity while refusing to acknowledge actual problems. - Foreign policy has been a a sh--show and he destroyed healthcare. Thanks, Obama! Kennedy put a man on the moon; you put a man in a woman's restroom.

General Chat

The Football Thread It's playoff time, boys. Nerds and trolls are not welcome here. I don't care if you don't like sports; I've never met a fun or interesting person that has said that in my life. First and foremost, my team is an embarrassment that need not be mentioned at the moment. I can barely cope while typing this. Let's get this thing rollin' by posting some game predictions and the SB matchup we want to see: Seattle @ Atlanta - Falcons. Houston @ NE - Lol, good luck. Pats will win unfortunately. GB @ Dallas - Cowboys. Pit @ KC - Chiefs. SB I want to see is KC versus Dallas or Atlanta. I hope the Falcons win when this game starts and I stand by my prediction, but I can easily see Seattle burying them with their ground game. Falcons

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