Worth Changing classes?

So As of recently I achieved 20k~ stat, I cap kinda bored of grinding and well since im a pirate and most of my gear is pirate my so my options are to Bucc, Cannoneer, TB, or xenon with a excessive amount of str. I was eyeballing a Cannoneer looks appealing any god tier cannoneers tell me what u need to cap or least 30mil lines with buckshot on? I could trade over about 18k stat rest is untradable clean cannon and yea.

May 9, 2016

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no good emblem/secondary/wep and with just good gear, you'll probably do 20m lines max

Reply June 3, 2016

getting max star tyrants and as many %atk lines possible is critical for cannoneer, stats don't matter as much

Reply May 30, 2016

i think you should be about to get away with like 25-27k str depending on your primary stuff

Reply May 30, 2016

I believe the closest you can get to recent videos of cannoneers is by searching up EVA GMS on youtube.

Reply May 30, 2016

Its hard to find any form of videos or data on CM since they are scarce. I just wana see like an equip video follow by their damage to get an idea.

Reply May 11, 2016

Xenon are always a decent choice. Some of your lines that were not helping previously might do now. Guaranteed you'll do nice damage there.

Cannon are very strong as well, but their slow attack speed and stationary nature can cause problems on some bosses that require constant motion. Still, solid choice.

Reply May 11, 2016 - edited

I'd go for buccaneer. They're getting pretty generous buffs in the future.

Reply May 10, 2016 - edited

I think 24k is around the amount you need to hit cap? At least I think I remember being told that but it's definitely been a while. Cannoneer's do have high % skills for a damage tradeoff when it comes to their 150 hyper. I think someone with more experience maining a cannoneer needs to come and correct me on the stat requirement but I think you'll be hitting ~25m with 20k str? (even though you said you had 18k str to trade over).

Reply May 9, 2016 - edited