Hellux and CRA

What range is recommended to solo these bosses? I'm finding it difficult to get help to get these equipment items in Reboot so I figure if no one is going to help me then I might as well just help myself. Also how much pdr or boss % is recommended to have?

August 9, 2016

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Probably something like 1.5m range and 200%+ boss damage for Hellux, give or take since it depends on the class. As much PDR as you can get. Probably the same for soloing CRA (maybe even close to 2m~2m to solo C. Vellum; again give or take). In a party, this can be greatly reduced of course: 800-900k is the standard for getting accepted to CRA parties.

Also recommend that you get your character to level 210 if you haven't, since Hellux himself is level 210 and will be hard to hit if you're many levels lower.

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