Epic pot 50 inflation? In the [url=]patch notes[/url], Rare Treasure Chest reward details: Vicious Hunter Soul Shard: Untradeable Clean Slate Scroll 10% Innocence Scroll 50% Chaos Scroll 60% Protection Scroll Master Craftsman's Cube: Movement is possible only within the account Meister's Cube: Movement is possible only within the account Basic Bonus Potential Stamp: Untradeable Intermediate Bonus Potential Stamp: Untradeable No mention of epic pot scroll? Also were the cubes from elite bosses always account-bound?

General Aran

What to upgrade next Hey guys, I've only got about 200-250m to spend, I don't have access to NX to cube, and this is in GAZED; here are my equips: Time Traveler's Laurel - 6% str Powerful Tree Branch Nose - 10 str Clean Super Summer Goggles Purple Senior Overall - 4% str 3att (3 slots left) *Should I try my luck with Chaos Scrolls, then sell it off and buy % str top/bot?* Blood Emperor (glove) - 3% str 6att Black Seraph Cape - 3% str Purple Senior Shoes - 4% str Tempest Accessories (Shoulder, Pendant, Ring, Belt) - all 6% str Half Earrings - 6% str Evo Ring II lvl 17 Legends Ring - 4 all stat 3 att/matt Strong Ring A - 5 att 8 str Dragon Mass (Secondary Weapon) - 6% str Loveless Polearm - 136 atk 6 slots left, crappy 2L epic pot (Can I effe