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Scanian Scammers I am here to expose 2 scammers in Scania with igns of: xjollanx and geezuspiece These two are nx scammers. Buying and selling of nx via mesos is strongly discouraged as it is against the tos; however, should you come across these players, avoid them at all cost. If they are in your alliance, have them removed immediately. This thread is primarily for archiving purposes, but feel free to comment. No pics, so dont bug me about it. If you dont believe me, then thats fine, but I am writing this out of courtesy.


FMSmoker of Scania - Untrustworthy I've been meaning to make a thread about this ass-wipe "FMSmoker" for some time now, but I just now got around to it. I didnt see any threads on basil when i searched him, so I figured I should make one. Before I begin, I will say that this entire predicament could have been avoided if I went with my gut and made the right decision. I was well aware what I was risking, but did it anyway. Also I have no screenshots. I didnt have time to worry about that crap. So I was selling a fafnir katara clean about 3 weeks ago and fmsmoker offers to make a trade with some items. I asked him to just describe them, but he kept on asking to skype him. Im not a fan of that b/c Ive read people can obtain ip addres


Lol at CashAddict So I was looking around for 4% nebs and This guy "CashAddict" had a bunch of them. I started negotiating with him and he had this 3-l unique cape with crap potential that he valued at ~900m for collat, and I would pay him 2.1b plus the cape, and repeat the process for 2 more nebs. So I figured I wouldnt lose too bad if he ran off. I could get a lucky cube on the cape and bam its worth 1.4b or somethin. I wound up paying 850 for the cape instead of 900. After that, he tries to get me to pay him 2b in cash (he was in a shop), then trade him afterwards... Bahahahahahahahaha Yea right. He's says some garbage like "man dis is how I do my trades." Then I proceed to tell him that I dont give a sh.. how he trad


D Low Empress Drop Rates Everyone is making QQ threads about how nexon isn't giving them free empress equips as easily as they wanted. But, Is there anyone out there who is as overjoyed as I am because of this? Cuz I'm having a blast watching people rage over this event that could have just never existed in the first place hahaha. I honestly have never laughed this much at so many basil threads within such a short period of time. Its absolutely grand. Yes! QQ harder! And when you're done, go and work for your empress equips!

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Kaisers that can solo Madman Ranmaru Hey. Are there any kaisers out there that can solo Madman Ranmaru? I dont know why, I cant seem to finish him before the pillars cover the map. I was wondering if anyone know anything that im missing. I hit all caps against him, including ancestral prominence, but I seem to always run out of time right when i start whittling away his last bar of health. I do the same thing i do for empress. Remain untransformed and lay into him with 3 wingbeats going. Use majesty when he drs. Transform briefly when I have to. He sometimes gets off the 1hko as well, when he pauses for a few seconds...but sometimes he doesnt. Im sure there's some damage threshold or something. Ive looked on youtube for a precise method to

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