Bowmaster buff duration

Hello Everyone. This is my first post . So basically I noticed that the way bowmasters are being positioned by nexon is doing multiple attacks per second. With afterimage shot, hurricane, platter, pheonix, arrow rain. To make up for our low number of lines; to boost our critical hits. So with all these different attacks we really need boosted buff duration. Does buff duration affect arrow rain, platter install?

March 27, 2017

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Well the second part of my question was going to be if you could achieve 100 percent uptime, but I guess not.

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@ecarina: Upload a video of Arrow Rain casts (make it several casts because latency reasons) with the cards on and I'll try my best to analyze it through some video shenanigans. Thanks.

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@skythedestroyer: I have all 3 of those, I'll check later!
Edit: It did seem to last slightly longer, but if you have a more scientific method than "seeing if you can get halfway through 'one Mississippi' before the buff time starts counting down" I'd love to hear it.

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Buff duration does not affect 5th job skills or Hyper Skills.

Arrow Rain is a 5th job skill, so it's not affected by buff duration. (However, there is some talk in KMS forums that summon duration may affect it. Jett and Corsair cards would add up to be an additional 0.5 seconds of cast everytime Arrow Rain casts, adding up to another 7 seconds of Arrow Rain attacking. Anyone have a level 200+ Jett and Level 200+ Corsair with a 200+ Bowmaster to see if Arrow Rain lasts an additional 0.5 seconds with those cards?)

Arrow Blaster is a summon, so buff duration does not affect it. Needs summon duration.

The only benefit we get from buff duration is a longer Enchanted Quiver lock. (And less casting buffs. 8 minute buffs are op)

I would advise getting the Mercedes character card, as that affects 5th job skills (-4% cooldown).

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