Bring Battleship back

Don't you think corsair should have their battle ship skill back? ALong with with battleship cannon and torpedo? Let me know what you think.

December 23, 2017

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Yeah they should make Corsairs even worse than they are now.

Reply December 27, 2017

I honestly didn't like the battleship. I liked rapid fire way more, the aesthetics of it was very pleasing (even till this day I stand by that) Even back then when Battleship had a duration where you have switch between the two (rapid fire and battleship cannon)I enjoyed my glorious wings shooting bullets everywhere.

I'm probably in the minority of that opinion haha

Reply December 25, 2017

I don't think they should have quite the same skills since they're obsolete, but I think Sairs should still ride a boat for their skills. They're Captains in KMS after all, why should they be standing on the ground?

Hell give them a flying ship, they can be sky captains! Not like other classes don't have flying skills too after all.

Reply December 24, 2017

Play mapleroyals instead then.

Reply December 24, 2017

Yes. nexon could have just lowered the master level so we could keep all the old skills and so we could still max everything. Dumb nexon is so dumb, dood. Never listens to us.

Reply December 23, 2017