Canadians, what cell phone provider are you with?

Fellow Canadians, what cell phone provider are you with and what kind of phone do you have? Are you on contract? Are they a good provider for you/ in general?
I need some input to help me decide.

April 9, 2011

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I have a LG Shine Plus it's pretty and shiny but the battery dies fast and it's heavy to hold @-@. 3 year contract with Telus and I think they are pretty good, nice workers at Future shop too xD.

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My friends have Telus and Koodo.

I use Rogers myself, but with a pretty basic plan that came with a phone. I don't use my cel as much as others.

I do, however, want to comment on something. I'm not specificly defending Rogers, here, but they are NOT Canada's worst phone company.
[b]Bell is. By FAR![/b]

We switched all of our services from Bell a while ago and never looked back. This was mainly due to two issues back-to-back...

1) My sister's cel phone stopped working. Upon inspection, it was discovered that it was the battery that had died. No problem! The store we went to assured us that, since we were still under warranty and, since it was within the contract, we'd get a new battery at no cost... and it would be shipped to the store within a few days.

A few WEEKS later, we returned to the store to ask what was going on. The people at the store said that we'd have to wait longer.

We could NOT wait longer - my sister was going away to college and her cel phone would pretty much be her only phone while at college, meaning she needed the battery pretty much within a week. Their response to that was "I'm sorry, we can't do anything... but if you want, we can sell you a battery." showing us the battery we needed, [b]which they had in stock[/b]! They literally could have given us that battery for free [b]two weeks ago when the issue came up[/b], but they not only didn't then, they had the BALLS to request that we PAY for something that was entitled to her [b]BY CONTRACT![/b]

2) Speaking of contracts, this pretty much sealed the deal. My mother, knowing that each of our family's cel phone contracts were coming up (mine, my dad's and my sister's), asked the person at the desk (this was during the battery incident), how much time was remaining before we had to renew (since this person could bring up the contract on their computer like they did before). They told us that we were not authorized to view the contracts [b]under OUR names, that we were PAYING for![/b]

We switched everything over to Rogers the next week.

Also, if you still don't think Bell is a horribly company yet, get a load of this...

My friend was an entry-level programmer for Bell about a year and a half and had gotten a few contract extentions and raises for his outstanding work (he's very good at what he does). At one point, they heard that Bell were beginning to outsource to India for employees (including his department), but assured ("promised" was the word my friend used) that nobody in their department would be replaced by these new people.

Two months later, just as the Indian programmers are about to come in for training, Bell drops the bomb - despite promising otherwise, [b]EVERYONE[/b] in their department was not only being replaced by the outsourced employees, the people (my friend included) being replaced now will have to [b]train their replacements![/b] I am DEAD serious. Bell not only broke their promise and lied to an entire department of people, the people that are replacing them weren't qualified TO replace them and now have to be TRAINED by the people they're replacing.

Class act.

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I have a Samsung Advanced w/ a three year contract w/ telus. Telus is alright imo, but i prefer rogers |:

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Telus. xD

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Rogers, three year contract. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10a.
Rogers is really the only one that has the plan I need, and I've never had any problems.

My plan:
My5 Canada Wide.
200 minutes.
Unlimited evenings and weekends.
Unlimited texting.
Caller ID and voicemail.
500MB data.

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I use Rogers. My plan is like 250 minutes, free after 6 or 7 (I forget since I don't call) on weekdays, free weekends, and 2500 texts a month for 25 dollars.

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i'm with rogers. they're all the same, those greedy pigs

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anyone know a really good high-speed internet company that doesnt overcharge? Im in Toronto if that helps..freaking rogers keeps raising the price while lowering the bandwith...i started with 60g and now im cut down to 15gigs a month...

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[quote=mebobblehead]I remember my uni sent out an email about this deal but was it limited time only? I'm currently with Rogers on some family bundle since my parents pay the bill for me still. Like $25 a month that comes with 100 minutes, no texts, no data, no caller id, no voicemail or anything basically lol. I'm using an iphone 4 with that plan which works for me I guess since I really dont need data but at the price my parents are paying, its kind of ridiculous when for like another $15 a month I could have gotten that superior deal from wind a few months ago.

I've been on the same plan for like almost 5 years now I think ;s.[/quote]

Yeah that plan ended in January i believe. Although, they have another plan right now that is exactly the same as mine called "Unstoppable 45 Plan" for $45, it's $5 more than the previous plan. Not sure when the offer ends though.

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I use Tribair/Viber and Textplus4 for my iTouch

OT: got no phone

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[quote=xxBubbleTea]I'm with Fido

Lg Neon

My contract - unlimited text, free after 6 weekdays, free on weekends 25.00 a month[/quote]

That's exactly what I have

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$50/month for 3 years and it includes...
- 100 minutes
- Unlimited texting (Canada only)
- FAB 10
- Free evenings/weekends after 6PM.

Then I added caller id for extra $7/month.

They have a really crappy website (Ended up accidentally cancelling my unlimited text even though I didn't) and they screwed up the bills multiple times. But from what I hear, it's better than being with Rogers. lol

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Wind Mobile
-Blackberry 9780
-contract free
-$40 for...
-unlimited Province-wide, Canada-wide, and US Long Distance calling.
-Canada/US/Global unlimited text and Canada/US picture messaging.
-caller id, call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calling, and voicemail.
-unlimited data.

Coverage is alright so far for me, no signal when your in underground parkings and if your in Vancouver, theres no signal when your going through the underground skytrain tunnel in downtown. They're a new company so coverage should be better as time pass.

lol I used to pay around $90 when I was still with robellus with fewer options than what I have now. So if your tight on money, I suggest you avoid going with those incumbents (Rogers, Bell, Telus)

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Thanks for the input so far, guys! I want to go with Fido (my mom is with Fido), but they don't offer the phone I want on contract. I think I might go with Bell. It's a toss up between Bell and Telus.

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Fido has the doggie.<3

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i'm with Fido.
lol @ the people with rogers.
worst phone company ever, in my opinon.

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I'm with Bell.
55$ for 1gb of Data, 200anytime minutes, Fav 10, Unlimited Texting, and free evenings and weekends.
I love the plan, but the buttheads are screwing up my payments that Ive been putting through.

I have a BB Torch, and the phone is awesome, and I like the things I get with my plan because if you wanted to build your own plan with someone else, that exact one would cost probably 70-80$ a month.

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I use Solo.

My friend uses Rogers, and when he talk beside me on his phone, my phone's call will end.

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went from rogers to moboilicity (sp)
reception for me isnt all that bad
plan went from good to better
the payment is much lower than it used to be
but the phone i have is garbage, phones with a 1700 frequency are the only ones that work with thier towers, pretty weird.

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I visited Canada, and my AT&T plan automatically switched to Rogers.
They charged me over 200$ in a span of 1 week.

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Rogers, hate their coverage.
Waiting on the Galaxy S II lineup but if they aren't coming soon i might cave and get the nexus S.

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