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Can someone help me out on this?

on this skill that dark knights have called Berserk says ; Level 30: HP Threshold: 20%, Damage: +60%, Movement Speed: +20, Critical Rate: +10%, Minimum Critical Damage: +15% - How do you activate it?

0 February 17, 2013

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[quote=JoeBlazed]it never seems to be active my paladin has a higher range than my dark knight with same equips and same weapon att i always thought i would be glitched or something[/quote]

the damage boost from zerk doesn't show up on your range, so yes, you're pally may havea higher range, but your drk may be doing more damage.

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Your Hp has to be below 20% and you must use Dragon Roar when you Hp reaches the 20% mark. This will activate Berserk for 1 second, and after that, you cannot use Berserk ever again,

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Follow this sequence to activate Berserk. It goes like this: Down arrow,Up arrow, F,G,H,Left arrow,Right arrow and Voila.

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You can tell its active when you see flashing / glowing horns out of your character.

Reply February 17, 2013 - edited

It's passive, always activated as long as your hp is above 20% of your max

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