General Mage

Choosing between Ice/lightning and Luminous Hey guys, I wanted to start a second main and I settled on either an ice/lightning mage or luminous. I decided to pick between these two classes mainly because of their "cool" mobbing attack. Now here's the thing. Both seem to be really similar in terms of training. I know luminous' will have an easier time moving around the map due to their teleport skill but does that justify making an ice/lightning? It'd be nice if someone can list the pros and cons of both classes so I can read over them to have an easier time making my choice :P Also, my current main is an adventurer so if I go with the ice/lightning mage I'll have the benefit transferring my cash items over. Teleport rock, store pe


Long lasting atk/matk potions and cube drops When I train at KSH I can almost 1hko the monsters but I'm missing that small amount of damage to be able to do so. To overcome this, I use the MP potion that lasts for 30 minutes which gives me enough attack to 1hko the monsters. I was just wondering if there are any pots that last longer than the MP potion and are pretty easy to get. My second question is if anyone has had a cube drop from regular monsters. I know bosses drop them since I usually get 1-2 during my daily boss runs but I have never gotten a cube from a monster.

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