Corsair 5th job skill

Hey guys! Was wondering if there are any other skills for Corsairs?
We all get Bullet Shinding once we advance, and I also got the "Loaded Dice" skill which allows us to choose the dice we want (THIS IS SO AWESOME!).
Is there anything else for our specific job?

Btw, thoughts about Bullet Shinding? I find it a little annoying that we have to press the Normal attack key other than the skill itself. Actually, Very annoying.

December 19, 2016

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@snailpresident: For Parrotargetting I don't think the final damage adds to that debuff but rather its initial hit when used, which is very sad tbh..which yes I guess renders it pointless. Still trying to get that perfect tri node of Rf/MP/HS. I underestimated the power of final damage increase on our does wonders.

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Having a guaranteed 5 is huge. Literally just free damage for pirates.

Love Bullet Shindig, hate the name.

I really like where we are now as a class.

Question @sanjupm and @crizit: On V Matrix cores, it seems to mainly just increase "final damage." So, does that mean things like the parrotargetting debuff or scurvy summons buff strength (the ENTIRE POINT of using either) are entirely unaffected?

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@crizit: Yep, I dont know the numbers yet or how it will fare in bossing regarding the skill dead eye, but I know I need more core slots..Im so close to unlocking the 224. At least this gives me a reason to even grind haha.

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Thanks @medulan for the advice and @sanjuPM for the answer ~ I understand we get 2 new skills in the second 5th job skills.

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The loaded Dice skill is actually quite amazing..and that fact that I can keep a constant roll of either 5/6 when I'm bossing/ FINALLY >.>

Besides Bullet shindig and loaded dice, that's about it for the Pirate/corsair job specific skill nodes.

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I'd suggest a game controller and a program like XPadder for playing MapleStory. It will allow you to play the game with a controller while using more buttons than MapleStory's primitive profiler (using button presses and button combos), and it will allow you to assign a rapid-fire input for the basic attack button if you choose (which basically means you can pre-charge Bullet Shindig (each button press extends it by a small amount, up to 6 additional seconds) and just focus on the moving around part.

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