Best explorer class for making money? I've got a permanent pet and a permanent meso pouch on my FPMage. I want to make a new character that I can transfer my pet to. i don't know anything about the Jett class, but I can't transfer NX to it from an explorer right? Basically I want to make a new Explorer that is fast and good att killing many monsters at once and just jump around and clear platforms and let my pet pick up all the money. I'm assuming you could make a few millions in an hour on a good map. What character should I make in your opinion? Thanks.

General Demonslayer

Is 20 Dex too much? Hello. I made a Demon Slayer yesterday and got it to level 30, I put 16 points into dex so that I had 20 and the rest to STR. But I'm thinking maybe I should've put all of them in STR. I could still remove it and create a new one but I don't really feel like it. What do you think would be the best thing to do? Are there equips that requires STR? Also note that I currently have only around 300k meso, in case you need to be funded to be dexless. Thanks.


Will they fix Dark Metamorphosis? "Known Issues- The game will close when using the portal to leave the Forest of the Priest. Your character we be in the Valley of the Antelope upon relogging. Certain Master Monsters are not currently accessible. The Demon Slayer skill Dark Metamorphosis is not fully function as it says in its description. " Will they try to fix Dark Metamorphosis this maintenance? Or is it just to show that they know about the issue and will try to fix it sometime in the future?

General Quests

Rock-Paper-Scissors - rollback? So I just logged in on one of my characters to upgrade my ring. I was also able to do the Rock-Paper-Scissors Day 6 quest. I did the quest and got a potential scroll. After that Rock-Paper-Scissors day 7 popped up, so I started that one as well, but the game crashed. When I logged in again the potential scroll was gone, the day 6 quest was availible again and some other small things I had done were also gone. So I did the day 6 quest again, then the day 7, after that day 8 quest and got the trophy. I thought I had two wait until tomorrow before I could do the next Rock-Paper-Scissors quest? Something similar happened to anyone else?


What class should I use the Xp potion on? Hello! I'm not sure if this is the right place to start this thread. But yeah.. I hope it is. So I recently reached level 70 with my Canoneer and I recieved the Level 30 and 70 potion, and I'm thinking about making a new character and use the potion on that one. But I'm not sure what class to choose. I have been thinking about Cygnus Knight and Dual Blader, I know the Cygnus class has the skill where characters on your account get wepatk/magatk. Not sure what's good about Dual Blade. Would you please help me choose and list the pros/cons of making a dualblader/cygnus? Thank you in advance!