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the world needs for gays Like really! Not just because I need more men to choose from but I think the world would be a better place. Like most wars are caused by religion and like 90% of the gay population is atheist because most religion don't accept us so war is less likely to happen! Population control is much easier when more people can't reproduce! but are forced to adopt the children that already don't have a home! Plus EVERY girl would have a gay BFF <3 for lots of support and night outs! just some thoughts for yall

General Beasttamer

Im trying to maining my Bt so i have a couple of questions! 1) I made this BT to be a link skill mule BUT i started to like it! and Im lv 120 with all my Bear skills maxed with some Cat. Is there some Advise on builds that anyone can give me for the Bear/Cat combo thingy 2) Funding wise I have a Fafnir Scepter, AND top! but i have 2 bill left what should i do with the rest x.x! 3) Are beast tamers ummm whats the word UMMMMMM helpful in parties? are they good soloists? 4) funding wise, are they efficient or cost efficient equipment wise ? 5) why do you like BT or why dont you like BT? those are just some of my questions :D thanks for reading

General Bowman

My Homemade Revamp I just felt like sharing what i would like to see happen to BM's/MM's Hunter: Bomb Arrow 360% --> 400% and 80% stun rate Double Jump --> horizontal range extended Physical Training 30+ STR/DEX --> 60+DEX Soul Arrow --> Copys arrow currently in use Ranger: Arrow rain 170% x3 --> 200%x4 Concentrate 30 attack and -25% mp consumption --> 50 attack and -30% mp consumption Drain arrow 400% --> 800% Phoenix 390% to 4 --> 500% to 6 Puppet 60sec --> 120 sec Bowmaster: Advanced Final Attack 20 attack and 210% --> 40 att and 270% (NEW) Flaming Arrow rain ( same range as arrow rain) 300x4 passively increases roasting shot to 900% with 200% Dot for 10 sec? Elite puppet 20% damage reduction --> 35% Hurr

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