Fighting Gollux as kanna.

I find its faster to use WC while jumping if you're in the far right in the left ledge.
Anywho The new charm makes it more fun to gollux as kanna

October 9, 2015

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@msnite: That is definitely not the fastest way. The fastest way is to be on the side edges and hold vanq and jumping.

Reply October 16, 2015

fastest way for 2nd stage is stand in the middle between the edges of the two platforms and then use vanq while jumping every few sec, takes me 5 min to hellux

Reply October 15, 2015

Yeah eventually I did that it just wasn't in the video for some reason.

Reply October 9, 2015

hmm. Post revamp, why not just stand near the left corner and jump while using vanquisher's charm? (for the eyes)

It's much faster than shikigami haunting.

Reply October 9, 2015