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Beauty in Nature

Hi, guys. What do you think are some of the most beautiful things in nature? Personally, I find the blossoming of cherry blossom trees in the middle of spring to be amazing.

[url=]Cherry Blossom in Spring[/url]

So, do you know about anything like this? Tell about and post some pictures of things you find beautiful.

Oh, and you can troll and post ugly pictures too if you think you're cool like that.

February 22, 2011

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Trees are beautiful. I live in like a place close to a desert and it's like not green.

I went to vancouver, canada and realized that trees are really pretty.

Reply February 22, 2011

Being able to watch all the stars on a clear night. You can only do this in the country where the air isn't so grimy.
Also, vast deserts, tropical rainforests, valleys, seas with high cliffs, and more.

Reply February 22, 2011

Like Beautiful girls.
So beautiful.

Reply February 22, 2011