Do Lvl 110 Equips Drop?

I was just wondering if things like the level 110 thief overall, black garina, or their recipes drop from monsters. I have numerous cards in my monster card book saying that these equips drop, but I have yet to find any while hunting. Thanks!

April 9, 2012

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The only reason I'm unsure is because I have literally found everything other than the listed 110 armors/weapons from the monsters I'm hunting, and I've spent many hours doing this already.

Reply April 9, 2012

they drop from horntail

Reply April 9, 2012

[quote=csj3659]yes they do drop,
usually in TOT or future hen[/quote]

But any monster that says they drop them will actually drop them, right?

Reply April 9, 2012

yes they do drop,
usually in TOT or future hen

Reply April 9, 2012