Training Areas and Ap Distribution

Hi, everyone. I haven't played Maple seriously since the summer of 2010, and since I've got a little more free time than usual I decided to start playing very casually again. I wanted to work on one of my lower leveled characters, my bandit, who is level 75. Can you tell me where I should train up to level 100, and how I should distribute my AP (in terms of capping)? I'm a STR Bandit if that matters. Thanks!

Also, any equipment help would be welcomed too. I've got the basics (PAC, Zakum Helmet, ATT WG)...

March 15, 2012

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Haha, thanks, guys. I think I might have to restart my Bandit if these new STR and DEX caps are true. I really haven't played on it since 2007, and I have 50 STR and 100 DEX. I'll fix it, but thanks for the info.!

Reply March 16, 2012

Cap at Dex at 25 no more, at 75 you should be at jesters or so until 80 then go to MP3 till like 95 then either Gallos or stay there till 100, then move to Pirates in ludibrium.
Thar's what I did with my bucc(the only char I have really leveled since bigbang) but there must be more places.

Reply March 15, 2012