General Demonavenger

Is Hp percent really important to achieve good range? I ask this because I was thinking about transferring my equips to a DA. However, the majority of my equips are %STR (luckily some with %HP). It seems like such a hassle cubing for %HP when it will only decrease the prices of my equips and it's inevitable that I would want %STR back. Though my empress equips give high attack, at least 10 per equip. Along with a great weapon, would I still need %HP to utilize this class to its fullest?

General Hayato

Do you think the empress katana will be available? I am just curious to when you guys think they will make the Lionheart Red King Katana an Empress drop. Right now, the only way to get this is from Gachapon, and on the website said that the Hayato equips would only be available from Gachapon until April the 3rd. So if they for some reason don't put it on Empress' drop list, we're pretty much screwed on obtaining the katana, like what happened to phantoms with the empress cane.

General Warrior

Best Hat to go with Lionheart Set? With the new fusion anvil, I was thinking that this could broaden the range of equipment you can wear (without sacrificing efficiency), which would make it easier to find a suitable replacement for the awful looking Lionheart Helmet. But it doesn't have to be fusion, but looking at the NX items, none of them seem like they would fit the Lionheart set. Though the red raven persona may look good with it, I just don't like the annoying effect you get with it by just wearing the hat. Anyone have any good ideas on which hat would fit the Lionheart set best? (Preferably something red/black)


Lionheart Helmet, Buy now or later? To start this off, this is in Renegades, and our economy is pretty messed up. Right now warrior empress has inflated, and the helmet is up to a whopping 1b+. It makes sense, since demand for it is very high, and there is only about 3 people who sell empress gear that drop from empress runs. Should I buy the helmet now, while its around 1b, or should I wait for it to deflate? I don't need it right away, but I have no idea if it will inflate even more or deflate upon the release of Mihile, since it is so scarce.

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