How hard is it to get gt1m range nowadays? Just coming back from a ~2 year break, sitting at near 2m range on my NW in khaini, but the server is SO dead. I'm considering moving to Bera, and I've heard 2m range isnt terrible impressive anymore. Just wondering if its viable to think I can get at least 1m range without spending all dat $$ relatively easily. I know obviously ill have to spend time on link skills etc but just gear wise Any info/tips would be greatly appreciated!


Childhood friend heart gives more range than beryl? So i was just scrolling a childhood heart for YOLO and such, and i got 20 atk(nothing much, just as good as my beryl heart) Then i put on my childhood friend android, and saw it gave me 38k range boost. I put my deluxe android back on, and saw my 20 atk beryl heart only gave me 16k range... with 20 all stats more than the childhood heart.. So, has anyone else noticed this, or is it just me? And its not just a glitch, i actually equipped both and they give me the range it says it should.

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Mobbing skill delay? Hey guys, I was looking at side funding a DW, probably drop like 50b onto it, but i have a 120 dw in another world i was just playing around with it, and ive noticed that using the moon version of their mobbing skill(i forget the name, whatever where it spins around you) and ive noticed its incredibly slow... Is it normally like this, and the videos i see are just because people have green MPE+decent SI or what? I dont think i can play a class that attacks so dang slow lol

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range or damage/line for end game bosses? Hey guys, im looking at funding a xenon, its always been a fun class to me, but im really all about the end game bossing experience now! Im wondering what kind of range it takes to be able to solo; hellux, empress, first 3 CRA bosses, and hard magnus? or damage/line it takes you also what kind of %stat/total of each stats and %atk you have to get you to said range would be GREATLY appreciated! Atm i have about 11k luk, and 2500 of each other stat. I could sell my claw to easily fund scrolling a terminus whipblade, but whats the %difference in dps im looking at? I remember reading something like 7% per atk speed increase. also does speed go into negatives, or does it cap at 0? Thanks in advance!


Smithing, making cubes and general help This is me asking for help, not giving in case you thought this was a tutorial :S So Im at a point where basically i need to go through about 18million cubes to get more %stats to improve my range, and it seems atm making my own meister cubes is the way to go, but Im not sure how to go about it efficiently... So I have level 10 smithing atm on my phantom, and Obviously i need to get to level 12. what is the most cost effective way(and fastest) to go about this? I noticed there are no fatigue potions or actual ores to buy in nak's shop anymore :( so does that mean i can only make 4 cubes a day? Also I've noticed a lot of people make their cubes on mules, is there any reason for this? Or is it simply so


Cubing advice Hey guys im looking at recubing my Emblem and my Secondary on my NW, but im not sure i should, so im looking for advice here! 1.64range normally buffed 69% pdr 193% boss So for my emblem its unique, 10%atk. Im considering recubing it for %PDR, hopefully 60%(if you can get 30% lines on unique lvl 60 emblem) I THINK it would be better, but im not entirely sure. right now I have 69% pdr +40% pdr from 5marks of darkness stacked. Im wondering if it would be better for Chaos root abyss, and hard magnus(not quite at chaos vellum tho) Ive read that chaos queen has 120%pdr, pierre is 80% and von bon is 100% Side note: i have 66% atk(including Kanna+DA link skills) if it IS better to get pdr at this point in time, could you tell me how


Secondary character, 40b to spend Hey so Ive reached an acceptable range on my NW to the point where i can kill nearly every boss(other than cvellum/dorothy), and I'm interested in semi funding a new character with some mesos i can scrape together. Im thinking I'll get between 40-50bill from the extra stuff I have. Im kind of having a real difficult time deciding what to fund, and I was looking for opinions! I like mobile classes, and thats about the only requirement What do you think will give me the most bang for my buck? Of course I plan on doing it on a different account so that I get full link skills, and access to HS/Kanna while i train PS not really looking at any other thieves, because itd just be tempting to psok all my gear I alre

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How much elemental resist ignore does Nw actually have So I was looking through skills, and my friend is trying to convince me IM wrong. I believe NW has 90% elemental resist ignore or what ever its actually called(the part where CRA/magnus/emp cut your damage in half) Beginner tab we have elemental expert which says it frees us from elemental restrictions on our attacks. -50% elemental attributes then in 3rd job we have enveloping darkness- "elemental resistance +30%" and finally our link skill "+10% elemental resistance" So is it 90% or 50% and the other 40 is just talking about enemy attacks with elemental attributes?

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Nl Vs Nw with and without jump attacking? Okay, so I know that NW has better 1v1 dps, for sure. now the question is.. with the dps charts gap, is that with or without jump attacking on a nightlord? I dont have an anti ghosting keyboard, and turning on the sticky keys makes it a huge pain to flash jump around since my jump is on alt key If its without the jump attacking, thats an even bigger difference, and absolutely worth going to NW over NL. if not Im not so convinced i should switch just yet. I have attack speed +1 inner on my NL atm, which obviously isnt a HUGE boost in dps, but its an advantage over not having it haha On another note, im wondering how much range/boss each needs to be able to solo at least chaos queen in CRA? ive HEARD


Nl and Kaiser bossing abilities Hey guys, im looking at funding either kaiser or nightlord, and Id REALLY like to know what kind of damage each needs, to be able to solo the main hard bosses specifically the 3 CRA, Hellux, and Hard magnus Any examples or experience is great! Im looking for; Range clean/buffed, actual atk(of weap) luk/str, Boss%/dmg%/atk% and if either has some HUGE difficulty for each boss would be a great heads up The reason im stuck on the fence is mostly because im Canadian, so its in my nature! no but seriously. I have a 520k clean NL with a 7atk scrolled claw, BUT i have so much warrior gear thats hard to come by! Ive got 11star tyrant shoes, 15-25atk legendary CRA (all 3), a 350atk 2h sword unique, and i can buy a kai

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top warriors fer bossing? Hey, so i used to play as a warrior class, but quit, and was playing thief recently. I figured i may as well get back onto warrior, since i have so much of the harder to come by gear for warrior, but im undecided as to what to play? absolutely not playing hero/paladin/drk Just wondering what your opinions on what the order of bossing efficiency the warriors are, be it DPS, or actual ease of bossing. any opinions/facts appreciated! PS: Im talking like fairly funded, say 800k clean ish range? main advantage is i have 1 350 atk 2h sword, which makes kaiser tempting, but is it really all that great? I keep hearing they suck before capping, and i sure as hell will not be!

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Which explorer thief is best Hey, so at the moment im working on funding my night lord, but im constantly wondering... which thief is best at bossing? in terms of DPS and actual efficiency? of course night lord is best for gollux, no doubt, but for other bosses I dont plan on switching to db/shad for a while yet, but if i ever get bored haha Ive mained all 3 at some point in time. I keep hearing Shadower has the best dps, then best dps only at cap, then not even at cap, and all other claims for the record, i plan on sitting around 1m -1.2m probably on my thief. I never understood how which is best ever changes other than at cap. why would shadower be best at low funds, 2nd med funds, and best cap funded?

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Bossing Efficiency Hey, im looking at maybe playing maplestory again, and im kind of having troubles choosing a class I've been looking at recent patches and it looks as though kaiser has gotten quite a good revamp, making it able to use all skills in final transformation basically what im asking is which class is best for bossing, im looking at doing CRA in a group, and hard gollux at least I still have gear, enough to have me starting at about 500k range I know I will enjoy any of the three classes, im just looking for input on which is the better bosser, or which is terrible at bossing for some reason I may have missed I used to be paladin but the playstyle just killed me. I was stupid and thought i would enjoy it because it was a great

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