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Cygnus REVAMPso what should i choose

Title says it........i know the cygnus revamp only just came to kms t..but i wanna know ur opinions on which cygnus would be the best >.< thx guys

0 February 19, 2013

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One thing, they're revamping Dawn Warriors next I thought we already have Mihile.

Reply April 5, 2013

Of the two that already exist, Wind Archer looks more fun to me. But it's really all up to what kind of playing style you prefer.

Reply March 20, 2013

We totally know all the skills for all the new revamps right? This thread is ridiculous; but, out of the wind archer and thunder breaker, I prefer the Wind Archer.

Reply March 7, 2013

night walker if they get revamped if not thunder breaker

Reply February 22, 2013

Thunder Breaker

Reply February 22, 2013

Not Wind Archer

Reply February 20, 2013