your thoughts on bishop

for some reason im rlly feeling a bishop around now i know they're not an amazing class but are they good and are they good supporters as well thnxs for your time

August 10, 2016

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I have a bishop low atm lv54 @ Renegades but I saw what they are capable of when it comes to bossing and mobbing saw some youtube bishop bossing courtesy of Natty2 aka HolyGiraffe, from the videos I'm pretty impressed by the skills they have, and I know with funding those skills can be unlock to it's full don't underestimated a bishop... I'm going to use the burning up event on the soon to be bishop and go from there....

Reply August 23, 2016

Easiest class to get 100% crit on

Reply August 15, 2016

They are good at bossing and healing party during bossing.

As @natty2 mention, they have good hyper.

Reply August 15, 2016

Well generally the best answer is make one if you enjoy it continue with the character and if you dislike the class then try out a different class. As a person who enjoys the bishop class I'd say why not? bishops are fairly easy to play , the level at a steady pace and if you fund it properly it can be a decent attacker (perhaps not top tier but bishops can be decent)

Although keep in mind people can be rude and randomly invite you and ask for you to buff them. (This happens more than I care for) however getting into a party is easier because of your buffs and people MOST don't generally expect you to attack so if you don't want to fund the class sit around and buff while you watch youtube videos or something) seeing as how heal as a cool down so people can't request for spam heal not that it's generally asked for anyone unless someone's extremely new or poor.

Although attacking is faster so if you're able to attack please do but if you rather just leech just try and be actives with your buffs. There's also the route of playing a phantom if you feel you don't enjoy bishop. They also have convenient buffs that make the game easier for example door.

but like I said if you like the class keep at it if you don't try something else don't base your class choice on what people want, you'll get bored faster that way.. honestly because there's SO many classes the hardest part these days is finding a class one ACTUALLY enjoys.

Reply August 13, 2016

If you love playing it - play it. Don't let the opinions of other people override your own opinions. Your preferences matter more to you than the preferences of other people.

Reply August 11, 2016

I should have snagged the IGN Pope or something similar for my Bishop.

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@cherrytigers: Divine Protection is close to useless, I don't even bother applying it.

I can't help but appriciate Heaven's Door, Shell, and my main Attack (AR) heals me (and my party members), and VoA is the best hyper ever, and now having only 4 buffs to apply including MW (not counting Infinity), and this INSANE Buff duration, it's just too much to give up. I think I'll never quit my bishop.

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A funded bishop is really good. I'd honestly switch if it weren't for all the flashy yellow animations. And walking around with that anti-status-resist shield buff thing just seems unappealing to me. I've played Bishop before and they're mechanically good now since they can telecast but I just can't stand their attack animations or their buffs.

Fire poison mage all the way!

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I would play my bishop often if it didnt cost me $50 to move my equips. Thanks, nexon.

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@dash3450: It won't take much time to find out anyways whether or not it is the class for you.

Worst case scenario is that you have an HS mule, though admittedly only characters on a different account can benefit from it.

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My main, I guess I am Biased to tell you to go for it.

Yeah, at level 150 you pretty much feel like the world is yours. the level 150 (VoA) is hands down my favorite Hyper Skill of all times. It is easily TOP 10 Hypers of all classes ever.

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@readers: what i meant by not amazing is that they are not the flashiest class nor the strongest but i still consider kinda cool im just gonna make one and try it out if i dont like i can always switch

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You said they're not an amazing class, yet you ask if they are good. Now, given that "amazing" is no longer what you'd use to describe the Bishop as a class, I would wager that "bad" also is not your descriptor, for if you thought they were bad I don't think you'd even put in the effort to ask this question.

So: which preconceived notion of the Bishop will you go with from here?

But to answer your other point: I will say that they are in demand as supporters. Especially for HS.

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