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Fastest way from Lv. 99 to 120?


I'm training on Mr. Anchor (which give ~1400 EXP) at the moment, but is there a faster way to get to 120? I'm aware that Aliens is one of the best options, but it's so crowded all the time. o___o

0 August 28, 2012

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Aliens at NLC or Romeo& Juliet PQ till 110. Afterwards if you can find a party at LHC then try it. No luck go back to R&J pq thats where I grind til 122. Too many ksers, hackers, etc.

Reply September 2, 2012

alien base corridor 5? not as good as ABC 6 from what i heard though

Reply August 28, 2012

Frankroid PQ all the way till u hit 135+.

Reply August 28, 2012

Go to Romeo/Juliet PQ and camp at roids.

Reply August 28, 2012

i lvl from 100 to 113 in aswan in like 2 hours 5.5x exp

Reply August 28, 2012

Azwan got me from lvl 45-50

Reply August 28, 2012

Azwan hard grind is really good. 2x EXP if you use a 1.5x card and HS. And R&J PQ.

Reply August 28, 2012

@Clashofpower: It's a Lv. 93 Monster in Ghost Ship. [url=]Clicky[/url]

Reply August 28, 2012

@Clashofpower: Are you asking what Mr. Anchor is, or something else?
@danyx: Monster Park isn't available from Lv. 95 to some other odd level.

Reply August 28, 2012

MPQ, aswan, monster park...

Reply August 28, 2012

Aliens in NLC. You have to do a brief questline from the mayor, but it's worth it. Pretty good spawn, and they give 3000 exp. Most people train on them until level 110.

Reply August 28, 2012

theres 6 maps of aliens, you dont have to have the last one. Pick one and train

Reply August 28, 2012