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Hit by so much nostalgia... Well, hi! I haven't been an active member on this site since like 2008, but I recently accepted a job offer (will be graduating college in May) and it really struck me how long ago it was that I spent my afternoons playing MapleStory... I have very fond memories of the game and looking back I can say that it was a huge part of my childhood. Just wanted to share some thoughts/memories and maybe reminisce a little... is this what being old feels like? I started MS around Halloween in 2005, the day the cash shop was introduced... I remember that on my very first day playing I went to Kerning to do my job advancement and got killed by Coolie Zombies that were spawned in the noob areas for the event. Had about 15 frie

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Any Dota players here? Hi guys, I'm an old basiler (2006er) and just came by to check out this forum again. Lots of good memories here :) Don't play MS anymore, only Dota now. I tried League a bit in high school (friends played) but didn't like it much. Just wondering if anyone here plays Dota on USE/EUW who wants to queue up or wants some coaching. Have some time to kill today and don't want to solo queue (recently had a big loss streak). Or I could just stay on this thread and chat about w/e haha


old, Old Basiler here with a few questions Hi Basil, it's been a while. I leave my first year of college in a few hours and I got a little nostalgic. Here's a little about me: Made my MS account the day the Cash Shop opened (October 2005 I think - there was a Halloween event) Joined Basil back in late 2005/early 2006. Played MS and was somewhat active on this site until around 2008, after which my younger brother took over my Basil account (he's done now too). I've played Maple a few times since then, but for no longer than a week at a time. I currently play Dota. As one would imagine, a lot on Basil and in Maple has changed since then, so here are a few questions: 1. Why does everyone have NX (especially on Basil)? 2. Why does nobody use t

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Shark Tooth Skipper Cape Trade/PC Well here's the situation: I have a slightly above-average Shark Tooth Skipper Cape Clean&Untouched. Somebody offered to trade a pretty amazing 3L Unique Scarlion Hat (STR) +6% INT / +6% DEX / +6% ALL STATS for the cape. Thing is, I kind of want cash (or mesos, rather). My questions are: 1. Is this trade worth it? 2. Which item is easier to liquidate (sell for pure mesos)? Keep in mind that I am in Demethos, which - sadly - is rather dead. Also, from my understanding 1.5b is a fair price for the cape. Can somebody confirm?

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Chemistry problem, help please When doing a somewhat complex chemistry problem (for me at least), do you round at the end or at each step? This is with significant figures. Here's an example problem (if you feel like doing it): Phoebe’s insulated foam cup is filled with .150kg of coffee (S=4187 J/kg°C) that is too hot to drink, so she adds .01kg of milk (S=3800 J/(kg°C) at 5.0°C. If the coffee has an initial temperature of 70°C, how hot is the coffee after the milk is added? (What is the final temperature of the coffee and milk mixture?) Remember: q = ms (delta) t Also, if someone could explain Quantum chemistry in simple terms, that'd be great. Thanks in advance.

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