Price check on Pinnacle equips and Light Chiffon Dress?

Are they worth anything? If yes, how much are they worth?
I got:
3 Hats
2 Overalls
1 Cape
2 Rings
5 Belts
3 Shoes
3 Shoulder
1 Pendant
1 Glove
2-Handed Mace
Shining Rod
2-Handed Sword

I remember I got them from some Keldeo spinner thing.

Also, how much is a Light Chiffon Dress?

December 9, 2013

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Pinnacle weapons are ~1m.
Pinnacle rings clean with hidden potential sell for 30m max.
All other Pinnacle equipment are 1-10m.
I usually see Light Chiffon Dress sell for 60-160m.

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i sold my dress fo 100mill but thats just me

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Enough for a ticket to narnia.

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