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Zits, how do you deal with them? How do you deal with zits/pimples? Do you leave them their so they just eventually die, or you you pop it? If you pop it, how do you usually do it? Can you guys give me some tips? Also, can someone recommend a way to get rid of blackheads on your nose? I usually wait until the tip of the zit becomes white and then i apply pressures from the sides, then clean up the stuff and squeeze a little bit more to be sure all the puss is out. Then i just wash my face with cold water.

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Broad and Vague Essay prompts Frigging broad and vague essay prompts are so annoying. I can barely tell what I'm assigned to write about and it takes me forever to understand what the hell my teacher is trying to say. I have to write an essay about this prompt. "So, your task in this essay is to research the Greek and Roman ideal of the human mind and body from Classical times with that of the European ideal of the human mind and body from Renaissance times and to argue for or against the proposition that, "The true measure of the universe is Man" - that is, like Vitruvius basically asserted, by understanding the geometry of the human body, we can understand the geometry of everything else both natural and artificial. However

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Choosing a highschool So I have trouble deciding on the high school I want to go to. The first high school (let's just call it high school A) is nearby where I live, is close to my parents workplace, is close to a racquet club I go to, and most of my friends are going there. But if I'm going to high school A I'll be taking the IB program where the classes are a lot harder and time consuming. There's just a lot more competition at HS A. The second high school (let's call it high school B) is a lot farther away (like 20-30 minutes) and none of my friends are going there. But there is barely any competition and there is also this "pathway" thing at HS B where you pick culinary, media, engineering, or something else (I don't remember)

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