feels thread >You will never rush kpq again >you will never drop items in an empty market to transfer items between characters again >you will never get killed by a balrog for the first time on the trip to orbis again >you will never get scammed trying to get NX cash again >you will never rewatch maple kombat again >you will never hate grinding from 31-35 to get into ludi pq but nobody accepts you because you're low level again >you will never SELLING FAME 5K@@@@@@@@@@@@ again

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Good night, left side What, you want me to tell you a goodnight story? Fine, here's a fairy tale from a Czechoslovakia village! One of the villagers had left his home to try his luck abroad. After twenty-five years, having made a fortune, he returned to his country with his wife and child. Meanwhile his mother and sister had been running a small hotel in the village where he was born. He decided to give them a surprise and, leaving his wife and child in another inn, he went to stay at his mother's place, booking a room under an assumed name. His mother and sister completely failed to recognize him. At dinner that evening he showed them a large sum of money he had on him, and in the course of the night they slaughtered him with a hammer. Aft

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Genetics question I realize that basil isn't the best place to ask but I thought I would give it a shot. AaBbCcDdeeFfGg is self-fertilized. How many phenotypes will be recovered if a large number of progeny are observed? The A and G alleles are haploinsufficient while the other dominant alleles are haplosufficient. The cc genotype is lethal. We can't use the 2^[gene #] rule to find phenotypes since not all are heterozygous pairs, and since there is a lethal gene. Does anyone know this?

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