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Ua or continue?

All right guys, I realized lunar dews suck so that's not happening.
I already have a cygnus for blessing, but used it's UA -ness for a bucc
Is it flame gear worth making a new cygnus for?
I realize I'll still probably cap without it for now after I level and find books, but what about after Unlimited?

0 March 15, 2013

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Like everyone said, pretty much flame gear is useless. Completely, utterly useless. Its just there for show.

Reply March 16, 2013

Eh, general consensus is that it's useless, and it pretty much is.
Literally the only use it might have is in Balrog Exped, where you can stack Flame Gears and Poison Breath since you can't use skills beyond 2nd job.

Personally for me, I think it looks cool and the idea of having a wall of fire and a cloud of poison amuses me greatly.

Reply March 16, 2013

The only time I ever use Flame Gear is when I'm testing to see what the maximum damage I can get my DoT to with my current range. I never use it in normal bossing or training because it's just not worth it.

Reply March 16, 2013

Flame Gear is pretty but does nothing for ME. It doesn't stack with mist unless you hit it with the initial cast and that makes FG not matter even after unlimited. And you don't need its dot as we can cap the ME dot needed to maximise its damage with mist, pb, fire demon, para and big bang . The most use that you can get out of it seems to be for pvp where you can spam it (not sure about this cause I play msea, need clarification). Otherwise, the 10 levels also doesn't seem to be that useful as leveling in maple is relatively easy nowadays. Unless you're like me and you wanna wear the ele staff at level 153 because it is cool and we are concerned with being cool like that. Sorry for the rambling.

Reply March 16, 2013

Unless you're super funded and want your DoT to hit over the cap, no, FG is not even worth it for ME, you're fine off with other skills.

If you plan to make a F/p, it might be useful for you to read a -cough-[url=]guide[/url]-cough- for tips and information.

Reply March 16, 2013 - edited

FG is a terrible skill. It's not worth the effort.

Reply March 16, 2013 - edited