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Military Pop Star? P/c please

I haven't seen this item before and was wondering how much it would be worth.
A price cheap would be appreciated.
I'm in CMYK.


0 January 24, 2013

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[quote=D3rpppp]These are the "Green Kats" that accidentally replaced Military Pop Stars as a reward. Yes it's pretty rare.[/quote]

@above Sweet, I just got 2.
I feel really bad for the people that got green katinas right now...

Reply January 25, 2013 - edited

i seen sold for 1b before but it wasn't ch1 FM room

edit: since it was fixed seen one person wondering around

Reply January 25, 2013 - edited

If you haven't seen it before, choose a reasonable price, add 100m to that, and sell it!

Reply January 24, 2013 - edited